A few vital remarks, concerning the widening of steel and alloy wheels:

  • The wheels delivered should be straight
  • Optionally, the wheels should be checked on a wheel balancing machine at a tire service. ( in case of substantial runout of wheels, we are forced to straighten them, which raises the cost of the service)
  • the widening distances of the rim should be extremely precisely measured ( alloy wheels are mostly widened to the inside, which closely brings the rim flange to the suspension elements- special attention should be paid here)
  • Widening of the wheels to the outside- In order for the rim not to stick out of the outline of the car, it is advised to place the spirit level ( or other straight element) to the fender or mudguard vertically at the hub height and measure the distance from the outside rim to the inside edge of the spirit level. This should be done on a standing car, so that the wheel is in working position in relation to the fender or mudguard.
  • Alloy wheels should not be sand blasted before widening
  • No chemicals should be used, as it may affect the structure of the weld. (All finishing works can be performed only after the widening process)

Please contact us by e-mail in order to:

  • Set the due date of the service ( the average time for completing the set of steel wheels is approximately 3 working days, but it depends on the present work volume. The widening of alloy wheels requires a much longer waiting time due to technological issues)
  • Widen the alloy wheels to the outside- The e-mail contact is crucial in this case, as the possibility of such a service depends on the construction of the rim.
  • Have all the questions answered any doubts clarified
  • In case of seriously damaged or rusty rims, we reserve the right not to perform the service due to safety reasons.