zbiornik-aluminiowy-25We produce aluminum tanks to individual orders. The shape and the capacity of the tanks are determined individually according to the customer’s needs. Therefore, our tanks have a wide application to virtually every car, independently to its specific modifications (drifting, quarter-mile racing, off-road etc.) All the tanks are tightly welded using the TIG method, which guarantees that they are completely sealed and have a high quality of joints. The diameter of the inlet and outlet ports, the mountings of the tank and their placement are selected, according to particular needs and destination.

We produce aluminum tanks, which can be used as:

Fuel tanks
Swirl pot tanks
Oil catch tanks
Cooling system tanks
Water intercooler tanks
Surge tanks
Power steering tanks
Quad type aluminium tank

Price list*:

Alloy tank 5l price from150euro
Alloy tank to 15l price from 200euro
Alloy tank to 30l price from 300euro
Alloy tank to 50l price from 400euro
Alloy tank over 50l price individual

The material, out of which we make the tanks, is commonly used for the production of such parts in shipbuilding industry, due to its resistance to weather, harsh sea conditions, as well as high durability and good weldability. The services not included in the price quotation, are priced individually.

The price quotation includes exemplary prices, and does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the
Civil Code art. 66, par.1.

The final service pricing is possible in our shop or via e-mail, if possible.