poszerzanie-felg-motocyklowychWe specialize in modifying and widening of motorcycle alloy rims. The minimal widening range is 1 inch, followed by every half inch. For the process of widening, we use material of appropriate width as well as in some cases the additional wheels (ie. “Donor”).

It is possible to wide wheel with change the rim diameter greater by 1 to 2 inch.

Alloy wheels are welded using the TIG method on both sides for full penetration.

We can band the wheels of both forged and cast.

It is necessary to provide images of the wheels (without tires, in axis) so we could see its construction between the lipping as holding the tire. In addition, images from different sides and angles to show the whole circle.

The final costs of alloy wheels widening are determined individually due to the complexity of the process and the modification range.

If the wheels require straightening it must be done before banding and the costs starts from 60€/wheel and depend of damage.

We do not straightening motorcycle wheels if they do not undergo the process of banding.

Price list*:

Rim size: Price ( Euro ):
13-15” from 500
16-19” from 600

Grinding of outside welds is included in the price.

*The price includes widening 1-4” of the straight rims delivered by the client, to the inside/outside with our material.
*It does not include painting, wheel straightening- if necessary, and so on.
*The price includes widening straight rims delivered by the client.
The price quotation includes examples of prices, and does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code art. 66, par. 1. The final service pricing is possible in our shop or via e-mail, if possible. Prices do not include obligatory tax 23%.