We specialize in modifying and widening of steel rims.

The minimal widening range is 1 inch, followed by every half inch. For the process of widening, we use material of appropriate width, therefore we do not need 8 rims in order to complete one set of steel wheels.

Widened/banded steel rims are used in motorsport, as well as in classic and exhibition cars. The main benefit of an added band is the visual effect, as well as the possibility to install wider tires for better traction and car handling on the road.
The reliability of correctly widened rims was already tested in rally cars many years ago.

  • Steel wheels are mainly welded using the MIG/MAG method

The services not included in the price list are priced individually. If the wheels require straightening it must be done before banding and the costs starts from 25€ per wheel and depend of damage.

We do not straightening wheels if they do not undergo the process of banding.

Price list*:

Rim size: Price (Euro):**
12-15” from 140/set***
16 from 160/set
17 from 180/set
18 from 200/set
* The quoted price includes widening 1-4” of the rims, delivered by the client, to the outside.
** Does not include painting, wheel straightening- if necessary…
***Wheels from Fiat 126p 180/set 

Optionally, we can seal the rims for 30€ / 4 rims.
We advise to do this prophylacticaly after painting because in MIG/MAG method and different condition of the steel wheels there are sometimes microscope holes after welding through which air can escape.
Grinding outside part of the wheel after welding to get smooth surface is included in price.

The price quotation includes examples of prices, and does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code art. 66, par. 1.
The final service pricing is possible in our shop or via e-mail, if possible. Prices do not include obligatory tax 23%.