Q: Do you finish the wheels after widening?
A: We do not paint, we do not polish. In specified circumstances we can have these services performed by a third party and charge additionally for the widening service. We can also seal the steel wheels on request.

Q: Are the wheels durable after the widening?
A: We ensure that the welds are appropriately durable, and that our products do not burst or unseal. A vast part of our modified rims are used in motorsport and as far as durability is concerned, there are no issues.

Q: Will the wheels be straight after the widening?
A: We do not deal with wheels straightening. If the base rim is straight, than the finished product will also be straight, and in such a case, there will be no problem to balance it.

Q: What is the realistic waiting time for widening of a set of wheels?
A: Depending on the work overload, the whole process of the service takes from 3 days ( a full set of 4 wheels) In case of alloy wheels the whole service will be longer due to technological circumstances

Q: Do I have to arrange with you in advance the delivery of the rims?
A:Yes, please. Contact us by phone or e-mail, in order to schedule the appointment.

Q: Do you widen the alloy wheels?
A: Yes. We can widen alloy wheels as well.

Q: Will I need to finish the alloy wheels after widening, and will it destroy the initial finish of the wheel?
A: TIG weld, after widening to the inside, will not destroy the initial (front) finish of the rim. In case of widening to the outside, it will be necessary to finish the rim by sanding the weld, painting etc.

Q: My wheels cannot be widened. Why?
A: When the base wheel is seriously damaged or crooked we cannot provide you with the widening service. All the rims, prior to the widening, are examined, and may not be fit for the service, therefore, we strongly recommend to check them on your own.

Q: Can all rims be widened to the outside?
A: We can always widen the rim to the inside. Not every rim can be widened to front(alloy wheels). In such a case, please contact us by e-mail with pictures of the rim for consulting. In case of steel wheels, there is no problem, as practically 99% of them can be widened to the outside.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: When you personally deliver and pick up the rims, we prefer cash. In case of shipping- bank transfer.