We specialize in modifying and widening / narrowing alloy rims. We are the most known company in Poland and we have the biggest experience on the field of widening wheels. Prove on above will be hundreds of sets done by us and huge amounts of positive comments.

The minimal widening range is 1 inch, followed by every half inch. For the process of widening, we use our material of appropriate width or if it’s necessary components from other wheels (“donors”). Widened alloy wheels can be used in motorsport as an alternative to widen/banded steelwheels, due to less weight and better heat dissipation, as well as in exhibition cars where the tension effect of the tire is desired.

As an extra option they can be further strengthened if they are to be used in extreme sport on
the track where they will be subjected to high overload on the tires of “slick” type.

  • Alloy wheels are welded using the TIG method on both sides for full penetration
  • It’s possible to wide cast and forged wheels
  • Most of alloy wheels can be widened to the inside

Widening to the outside (adding band) depends on the construction of the rim, and in these
cases we ask you for an e-mail, because not all alloy wheels can be safely widened in such a way.

To identify opportunities to move the front, it is necessary to provide images of the wheels(without tires, in axis) so we could see its construction between the lipping as holding the tire.

In addition, images from different sides and angles to show the whole circle.
If the wheel already has band, please measure the width of the end upstand to the arms of the rotor.

There is also the possibility of narrowing wheels.
To do this, you must first contact via e-mail by sending photos of wheels as well as to widen the front.

The final costs of alloy wheels widening are determined individually due to the complexity of the process and the modification range. Please contact via e-mail.

If the wheels require straightening it must be done before banding and the costs starts from 35€/wheel and depend of damage.



Price list*:

Rim size: Price ( Euro ):
13-14” from 350/set
15-16” from 400/set
17-18” from 450/set
19-20” from 500/set
21-22” from 550/set
*The price includes widening 1-4” of the straight rims delivered by the client, to the inside/outside with our material.
*It does not include the weld grinding, painting, wheel straightening- if necessary, and so on.
*It does not include widening/banding using the “donors”. In this case, this is an additional cost added to the price of banding.

Grinding outside welds is an extra option. We may cut and grind welds in cost of 50€/wheel.
In standard process they stay as they are.
Due to the mechanical processing, there is a possibility of scratching the rotor.

The price quotation includes examples of prices, and does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code art. 66, par. 1. The final service pricing is possible in our shop or via e-mail, if possible. Prices do not include obligatory tax 23%.